Monday, October 12, 2009

Everyone Should Have a Bag This Cool

So every once in a while I get something truly outstanding on Etsy.  (Don't get me wrong, most of the items that I purchase and/or trade for on Etsy are fabulous, and almost every one has a much higher quality than what I would find in a retail store.)  But sometimes I just stumble upon something exceptional for the price.  This bag is one of those things.

Dish Handbags appears to be a relatively new seller on Etsy.  I discovered her shop while chatting with her in Etsy's chat rooms.  I immediately noticed her diaper bags and clutches.  I asked her if she could custom-make a messenger bag that was a cross between  a small clutch and a large diaper bag.  I am so impressed with the result of what she made!  The work is high-quality, the packaging was very professionally done, and the shipping was very fast. She even threw in a couple of extra surprises! I am also impressed with the speed that she finished this custom order, and the price is also very reasonable.

So, check out Dish Handbag's shop here.  If you order from her, I am sure you will love your new bag as much as I love mine. :)

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