Monday, December 26, 2005

This Movie Would Benefit from a Rampaging T-Rex.

So I went to see The Family Stone. I’ll put it this way: if you liked Spanglish, you’ll like this movie. For the rest of the population, don’t waste your time.

Why I didn’t like it:

1. They didn’t hire an editor. The ending was one sappy, heart-wrenching scene after another. I admit I cried at first, but after sappy scene #33, they lost me.

2. Is she for real? I couldn’t relate very well to Sarah Jessica Parker’s character. Especially after the whole ordeal when she crashed the car multiple times in a row after multiple fiascos with the boyfriend’s family. They had me at first, but then just too many things went wrong. The sympathy that I was feeling was replaced by a growing, “Come on, nobody is THAT stupid,” sentiment.

3. Seen one, seen them all. Yeah, her sister gets on the bus and leaves her troubled romantic triangle behind. Yeah, she tells the bus driver to stop a half a block later. Yeah, they run to each other in slow motion with open arms. Yeah, they taught this scene in Sappy Romantic Movie Making 101 in freshman year of college.

4. The T-Rex would be a benefit to this flick. Heck, send him after the love interest and the heroine’s sister. OR send him after the gay couple. OR just have him bite off the heads of all the main characters in general. Anything to end the movie earlier would be better.

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