Tuesday, December 13, 2005

B is for BEAT.

I hate all manner of electronic equipment, including the lovely diddy I'm currently typing on. That's okay because all electronic equipment thoroughly despises me. Seriously. This year my cell phone died, my PDA went psycho, my TV blew up, my laptop simply refused to open its programs, my DVD player decided black and white double images were way cooler than color full-screen images, the phone in my classroom is having a spat with its voicemail, and most of the staff is blaming me for the malfunctioning key card reader on the front door. Today my entire memory stick (except for four files) decided to convert itself to Japanese and a mess of the funky y's with the two little dots on top. AND my optical mouse is scared of the center of my screen. If tomorrow doesn't get any better I'm going Amish.

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