Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kiddie Wagon Upgrade!

So I sold my old Step 2 wagon and trailer because Little Love is rapidly outgrowing it.

My old Step 2 wagon and trailer

To replace it, I bought this one for just $7 more than what I received from the sale of my my old wagon/trailer. (I sold my Step 2 wagon on Craigslist and bought this Little Tikes "Ride and Relax Wagon" on sale online at

Here's what I think of it:

I definitely would not pay full price for this wagon. However, I managed to snag it for just $72, which was worth it to me. The wagon comes with an even more expensive model that has an additional folding umbrella and cooler attached. I definitely would not buy that model since I already own a cooler and a clip-on umbrella.

The Little Tikes Ride and Relax Wagon is definitely larger than my old Step 2 wagon, which makes it more difficult to fit in the back of my car. (If you don't have a SUV or minivan, you may want to stick to a Step 2 wagon.) However, it's much nicer for my growing girl. The seats can fold down flat so that she can stretch out and lie down, which is a plus for me.

The kiddie cup holders are located inside the wagon instead of on the outer edge, so she is less likely to lose her sippy cup as we go, and there are even 4 conveniently placed cup holders for the adults who are tagging along. The side of the wagon also folds over so that it can convert to a bench for us to sit on. This is especially handy at the zoo when the picnic areas are busy or along parade routes (no more hauling lawn chairs!).

I have heard that the front wheels can buckle with too much weight. I have only noticed this starting to happen once during a playdate at the zoo. I had five toddlers in the wagon, and I noticed that the front wheels were beginning to bend during turns. I took two of the toddlers out and it was just fine again. So we only ride three kids at a time now, and it works fine. The wheels can hold one adult and one toddler when being used as a bench as long as you do not try to make it move.

The seat belts are a bit of a joke - they aren't nearly long enough for older toddlers/preschoolers, and I do miss the snazzy door of the Step 2 wagon, which made entering and exiting easier for the kids. The Little Tikes wagon, being larger and heavier than the Step 2 wagon, is also a little more difficult to steer. However, I only notice this when I turn it around and push (which I like to do when at the zoo so I can better keep an eye on the kids).

You may wonder what I do for shade. Well, Radio Flyer makes this nifty clip-on umbrella that I used to use on my Step 2 wagon. It also fits on my Little Tikes wagon, although not as well due to the sculpted sides. I like it because it bends and can be positioned at different angles to block the sun as we go.

Overall, I do prefer the Little Tikes wagon to the Step 2 wagon - I can haul one more kid with the seats folded flat, there are cup holders for grownups, and it converts to a nice comfy bench. All pluses in my book.

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