Sunday, May 6, 2012

Time for Some Changes!

Well, I've decided to finally give my blog a much-needed overhaul. Like the new look? In next Tuesday's post, I'll explain how I made the background, which blogger template I used, and how I managed the navigation menu at the top of this blog.

At any rate, this update is to inform all of you that I will be doing much more with this blog now. I've recently become inspired by other bloggers who Do-It-Yourself, and often my friends ask how I did such and such... so I've decided to become a more consistent blogger with how-tos and instructables. Because I'm also a geeky nerd at heart, I will pepper in some geek and science-related posts once in awhile, as I used to do in the past. And finally, this blog will still serve as an announcement board for my shop updates, but don't expect me to be giving away any secret recipes for bath and body products - a girl has to make a living somehow!

Here's my anticipated schedule:

Etsy shop updates in Shop Talk

DYI instructables in DYI FYI

Geeky finds in The Geekery

My Opinions in Rants and Raves

Sneek Peek at Next Week's Topics

At any rate, I would love some feedback about the new look. Too girly? Is the font okay? Any navigation problems? I'm still working on redoing all the tags to make sure they fall under the correct navigation, so that may take awhile.

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