Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hill's Science Diet Adult Dog Food Review

As you may know, I am a Bzz Agent for bzzagent.com. This means I occasionally get to try free things and write reviews about them. This time I received a sample of the Hill's Science Diet adult dog food for my bichon frise. Here is the review of that product:

I loved the idea of this dog food - healthy, balanced, no fillers, and chicken as the first ingredient. I received the adult dog food and began feeding it to my full grown bichon frise. She hated it, which really surprised me since she has never turned up her nose at food before.

My dog would "gum" the food, apparently looking for an acceptable piece. When she found one, she would crunch it to bits all over the floor, making a big mess of sharp dry dog food particles. She has always eaten dry dog food and has never made such a mess with any other brand before.

After a few weeks, she started losing weight and actively stealing food from my toddler in order to avoid eating the Science Diet. I began transitioning her back to her original food when she started growling at my toddler to try to steal her food. We never even finished the bag of Science Diet.

I'm not sure if it was the flavor of the food or if it was too hard for her to chew (those particles all over the floor were very sharp!), but I will not be purchasing or recommending this brand of dog food.

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