Sunday, May 2, 2010

Anybody want a sewing machine?

I'm selling my old Singer sewing machine on Ebay for CHEAP!  Bidding starts at $5.00.  It works fine; I just need to clear the stuff I don't use out of my house before I qualify for an episode of "Hoarders."

Interested?  Or know someone who would be?  Check it out here.

Hurry!  The auction only lasts 10 days. :)


Burning Moon said...

Good luck selling your sewing machine I am also trying to clear out my area by selling un needed crafting supplies.

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customdesigns4ubynan said...

You have given me an idea...I have a Kenmore I no longer use and was wondering how to sell inexpensively. Think I'll check out e-bay, though I've never done e-bay before. An adventure! A new challenge! Good luck selling yours!

Anonymous said...

Do you think it would be appropriate as a first machine for a 10 year old? My daughter wants me to get rid of she can have it! She said, "Mama, don't you really want a new sewing machine for Mother's Day?" Gotta love kids!

Echoesofstars said...

I think that a 10 year old could use this machine with supervision. It is a real sewing machine, with a real needle, but it would be perfect to teach a child how to sew. You could set the speed to slow and since there are not a lot of options and buttons to push, it keeps her choices simple and allows her to focus on the moving needle. I do think the light helps in this case - it lights up the working area so she could tell if her fingers were in the way more easily.