Friday, November 20, 2009

Virtual Rummage Sale on ebay, Part 1 of Many

We have *a lot* of stuff.  Too much.  In lieu of having a rummage sale this year, we're attempting to pawn off some of our goods on ebay.  Mind you, they're in pretty good condition since Todd and I were both collectors.  We're starting with the massive pile of Beanie Babies.

This particular pair has a coloring snafu. As quoted by Mike:

Rainbow the beanie is a Chameleon.  This beanie has a collar of fabric around his neck. He should be made with a rainbow colored fabric (pink, yellow, red, green, blue... mostly light colors) (Ty-died)

Iggy the beanie is an Iguana. Iggy looks almost identical to Rainbow. He has no collar, but green spikes down his back, and is made with a blue green fabric (Ty-die)

Originally people thought that these two beanies somehow got their tags switched in production.  What actually happened was their fabrics were switched.

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