Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cedarburg Adventure

So today a friend and I traveled to Cedarburg, Wisconsin. I've been to the Cedar Creek Winery before for some delicious cranberry wine, but today's adventure had a different goal - to check out the Gem Shop Inc., which my friend had heard was great for field trips.

Well, the Gem Shop is an experience in of itself. We spent over an hour there. They have polished gems and rocks from all over the world - precious, semi precious, and common. But the best part is in the basement. If you ask the clerk, he will let you in the back room and down into the basement where you really feel like it's a prospector's mine. There are boxes, barrels, and crates of all sorts of rocks there, clearly labeled, for you to pick up and examine (even the mercury ore had a sign that said "do not lick"). All of the rocks are for sale. There even were some very large chunks of fossilized dinosaur bone that were too heavy for us to lift!

If you want a geode or any sort of rock, go here. They cut and polish them on site, too. It's a great place to take the kids.

After we explored all of the Gem Shop, we snooped around in other stores and finally got to be very hungry. We stopped to eat at the August Weber Haus. The food was delicious! If you go, try the chicken delight sandwich - grilled chicken, aged cheddar, and apple butter on a toasted roll. It was the best sandwich I've ever had!

We'll have to go back again soon. Yay for Cedarburg!

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