Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thank You, Neighbor Guy

So we celebrated the 4th of July in our own backyard with our own private fireworks show. Well, it wasn't really OUR show, it was the neighbor about half a block down. Every year that guy must spend thousands of dollars on fireworks - and I'm talking about the big ones, not the little dinky ones. So we sat and watched and cheered for him as we sat around our fire pit in comfy cushioned patio furniture. It certainly beat fighting the crowds at the Expo center, and the grand finale was just as good.

So here's to you, neighbor guy. Thanks for giving us a great 4th!

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Chad Bainbridge said...

A couple fo bonuses with your situation. 1.) You didn't have to deal with the crowds. It was just for you, the husband and the child yet to be born (never bothered to ask what sex it is going to be, would rather be surprised) 2.) Fireworks can be expensive and you got to experience at the expense of another person. 3.) Most places won't allow you to start up a fire while the fireworks are going on (i.e. The Lakefront)

So, hope you had a good day.