Saturday, December 6, 2008


I made a ladybug family for my Etsy store! They're completely needle-felted, and I have to say that needle-felting is VERY therapeutic. There is something wonderful about stabbing an inanimate object over and over when you've had a bad week...

Just kidding. :)

Really, though it's terribly fun. I never realized how much you can shape the wool by poking it just the right way. I had purchased wool roving last week with the intention of making needle-felted beads for my jewelry, but Todd surprised me with this ladybug kit for St. Nick's. I spent the morning today felting ladybugs. I may just have to make more needle-felted items soon.

I'm thinking of making a needle-felted nativity set. Wouldn't that be cool?

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missknits said...

ooo i love them! i just purchased a bunch of roving and needles too thinking i would try my hand at a little needle felting. i've done the wet/machine felting before, but this looks quite fun! your lady bugs turned out awesome!