Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's Wrong with this Video?

I can think of at least 10 things wrong and/or disturbing with this classic Sesame Street video. Can you?


Anonymous said...

you must really be bored to be watching old SS videos?


missknits said...

omg thats hilarious!

forget about the fact she's walking with a llama, what about the fact she even owns a llama!!! lol

Chad Bainbridge said...

1. WHO the HECK walks down a sidewalk with a llama? Apparently children who live in Napoleon Dynamiteville
2. Shouldn't there be some kind of parental supervision? Well, at least someone who has an industrial sized pooper scooper. I shudder to think at the size of dumps that animal would produce
3. MAN, that llama needs braces... Or at least a jaw realignment, get rid of that overbite
4. You fill in the rest. I find it kind of creepy that a vet would have his offices underneath a house. I mean, look at the difficulty that llama had getting down the stairs

Echoesofstars said...

Actually I can't take credit for this one. Two of my old high school pals were discussing it on facebook. I just happen to agree that it's rather disturbing. :)