Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Observations

As an American, I got to participate in the 2008 circus...I mean election.

Here is what I observed, along with some advice for my fellow Christian Americans.

**WARNING - Please stop reading if you're going to get all riled up and throw a fit. Go take a nice bubble bath instead.***

1. Americans make idols out of politicians.
We do. We forget that they're human, forget that EVERYBODY lies, and we hold them to a higher standard than we would ever expect from ourselves. We expect them to be God Himself and to have all the power that He does. Guess what, folks... they're NOT and they DON'T. And your candidate lies, too.

2. We get WAY too passionate about politics.
News flash - if you live in America, you have the freedom to disagree and to choose. But SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE. You should not go to bed crying that your candidate didn't win. You should not threaten to shun, beat up, or disown a friend or family member who doesn't share your political views. THIS IS AMERICA - EVERYONE HAS THE SAME RIGHTS YOU HAVE. If you can't play nice, then don't play at all.

3. Obama is most likely NOT the AntiChrist.
Jesus loves him just as much as He loves you. And given the unchristian attitudes I've witnessed lately, he probably deserves it more. Get real, folks. That's all I have to say about that.

4. Stop being a poor loser and stop teaching your kids to do the same.
The office of the President deserves respect. Do you want your kids to respect your authority when they disagree with you? Then you set the example with how you treat the authority over you.

5. Pray for Obama, but pray for yourself more.
If you have a hard heart toward him, or if you struggle with any of the items listed above, you need to remove the plank from your own eye first. I'll help you get the clamps.

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