Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hummingbird Hero

Today I saved a life, although a small one! As Todd was pulling out of the garage, he heard a quiet "chirp.....chirp." He looked up at the rafters and saw a green and white hummingbird flitting around. He left the garage door open until I left, but the hummingbird was too scared or too confused to leave. I wound up having to go to work, but I made sure that I put the hummingbird feeder in the garage so the poor thing could have something to eat. I knew that if it didn't eat, it would have a good chance of dying due to its high metabolism.

The hummingbird was still alive when I came home in the evening! And boy did it eat! Half of the nectar in the feeder was gone. I took the feeder in to refill it and left the garage door open. When I came back out, I saw it flit from the side wall out of the garage door. It's almost as if it waited for me to come back before it left.

It felt really good to save a life. And yes, hummingbirds really do chirp. :)

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