Monday, August 6, 2007


I've realized that I've read a lot of books this summer - at least twelve. On top of that, yesterday I was helping Todd organize his section of our home library, and I also realized that I've forgotten quite a lot of what I've read, or when I read it, or if a quote came from one book or another. I kept pulling books of his shelves - books that seemed oddly familiar or reminded me of other books. It caused me to wonder if I ever read the ones currently in my hands - had I at one point?

Gosh, I'm a bookworm, but I have the memory of a gnat.

So I joined You can catalogue your own home library and write reviews of the books you've read. Not only that, but you can get this nifty widget that you can put on your blog so everyone else knows that you don't just play video games all day - that you read, too! So far I've only entered three books on it just to try it out, but you can click on them if you want. It's on the right hand column of my blog, underneath the Clustrmap.

AND you can find people on that have the same tastes in books that you do. It's really nifty. Check it out if you like reading.

Also, but unrelated... Todd and I both dreamt of tornadoes last night pretty vividly. I wonder if that means anything. Thoughts, anyone?


Tee said...

Hello. Found your blog quite accidentally. I was searching Technorati to see if anyone else is having a problem with their LibraryThing widget. (My book covers are showing up HUGE today for some odd reason.)

Anyway, since I'm here, I may as well give my opinion :)

Either you and Todd are on the same wavelength or you both saw a TV show or news report about a tornado? That's my guess :)

Best wishes.

Echoesofstars said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! I don't remember seeing anything on TV about a tornado, but maybe!