Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A New Old Hobby

So I have a confession to make. I know this will shock some of my friends because it's REEEEAAAAALLLY girly, and well... I tend to not like girly stuff. I'm the kinda girl who would rather hang out with the boys and play video games.

But, I love dollhouses.

I always have. My mother and I used to have a dollhouse together when I was young, but we never finished it. It was just a huge wooden shell.

I grew up, and could no longer afford to spend money on miniatures. (Quality miniature items are EXPENSIVE!) But I always loved them. Therefore, my favorite video game became "The Sims" because it's like playing with a virtual dollhouse.

But now I've finally come to a place in life where I actually have the time and funds to have my own hobby, so I went out and bought a dollhouse kit! That's right folks, this summer I will be building my very own dollhouse, complete with electricity and all! I am also making my own dolls. I'm already working on one doll by the name of Kathryn.

So be warned, blog readers. At various points throughout the summer, you will be subjected to pictures of my dollhouse and dolls in various stages of construction. If this bores you, you can always scroll past them to the usual randomness of posts that you've grown accustomed to.

I'm really excited about the dollhouse and my dolls. The picture on this blog is of Kathryn, my first doll. I'm really proud of her because I'm making her myself! So far, I've constructed her body and painted her shoes. I cut, glued, and sewed the pantaloons on her myself, and now I'm working on her petticoat. The upper portion of the dress will be made last. When I'm all done with her costume, I'm going to work on her wig.

Oh and btw, there's a neat forum hosted by Greenleaf Dollhouses where miniaturists are able to discuss all things small. Check it out if this sort of thing interests you.

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