Saturday, May 26, 2007

At World's End - My Rating: 1 out of 5 Stars

So I saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Overall advice: don't take your kids. Beware, this post has spoilers.

I have to say that I was greatly disappointed in this movie for a number of reasons. First of all, it wasn't as funny as the other two and was much darker. I usually don't mind that, but this is a movie that lots of kids see. Also, it increased the sexual references and gory scenes. In the previous Pirates films, the camera turned away from the killing. In this one, it didn't. It also had the pirates looking up Elizabeth's long shirt after she was forced to remove her pants by the pirate captain. Later on, there was an implied rape in a brief scene in which one of the English troops killed one of the women bathhouse workers. And again, the Chinese pirate captain tried to take advantage of Elizabeth. Again, I don't appreciate that because of the number of kids who see it.

Also, the plot line was much too complicated for a movie marketed as a comedy. Too many of the characters had multiple changing motivations. Jack went from funny to just plain crazy - talking to multiple Jacks throughout the movie. The love story between Davy Jones and Calypso was just plain weird. Who did she believe at the end anyway - Will Turner or Davy Jones? Barbosa and Elizabeth were the stars of the show. Jack was almost a minor character, and his insanity made you almost write him off as believable.

Barbosa, however, was VERY well written. I enjoyed his character in this movie, and he was the only one who seemed to have any real sense of mission at all. True, Turner had his father/Elizabeth choice, but even that seemed to be a minor subpoint and was not developed as fully as it could have been.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend paying money to see this one in the theaters, and I definitely wouldn't let kids see it. There were too many characters, too many subplots, and too many changing motivations to make it coherent enough for a three hour movie. It's almost as if they were trying to cater to a more "adult" audience by the sex, gore, and complicated twists and turns, but they just wound up loosing everyone's interest. No one that I went with thought it was very good. My overall rating: 1 out of 5 stars.

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