Sunday, June 4, 2006


And I'm actually POSTING! Wow.

I got married! It was the most perfect day I could have asked for. Even the things that I didn't expect to go right did! I have online pictures for my friends to see. Email me and I'll send you the link.

Married life is very good. Moving, however, is not. I am firmly resolving not to move anywhere for at least the next ten years.

My cat, as it turns out, is a bully. I had to pawn him off on my parents because he put Todd's two other cats into shock. One of Todd's cats went into hiding after she was bitten by Casey, and did not come out for two whole weeks. I'm not sure that she has fully recovered.

We filled the void left by Casey with a cute bichon frise puppy named Libby. It was hard to replace him, and I still miss him, but the puppy keeps me busy. The cats like the puppy much more than the terror that was Casey.

Todd is the best husband in the world! He is patient with me and loves me so! He even puts up with my constant crying over my stupid job (more to follow about THAT in the next few posts) and the trauma over moving and losing the dumb cat. I love him for being so wonderful. :)

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