Friday, March 24, 2006

Life Changes

So there's a lot of stuff going on right now.

I'm getting married in less than a month! I think I've gotten over the giddy phase and am now in the reflective phase. I don't have cold feet or anything, but some things... small things... seem weird now that I will be living with someone. I guess I just got used to doing things my way after awhile. It's not the big stuff that surprises me as we begin to merge households... but the little things. Things that weren't mine now are, and ways of doing things are changing. It's all worth it, mind you, but I'm surprised at what I actually held dear about being single.

I have a new boss. The old one abruptly quit after some fiasco with the fifth grade teachers and parents. The new guy has already helped me out with science fair and seems very level-headed. I'm amazed at how quickly God provided a good replacement. An administrator can make or break a school.

The school where I got my first job at is closing. I'm not surprised. It was starting to go downhill when I left there (again, note the administrator bit in the paragraph above). The teachers there are highly upset, as you could imagine. I guess they just ran out of money.

So with all of this happening at once, it made me realize how quickly life can change from very good to very bad and vice versa. Take nothing for granted.

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